Three more sharks caught off Araha Beach

A number of shark sightings has prompted managers of three beaches to ban swimming since more than a week ago.

The sightings of the sharks, which experts have identified as bull sharks all took place off the Sunset Beach in Mihama, Chatan, but Araha Beach in Chatan and Tropical Beach in Ginowan, both south of the Sunset Beach, were all closed as a precaution.

On Saturday evening, a 22-yea-old angler caught a 1.5-meter-long bull shark fishing from the shore. Members of Chatan Fishermen’s Association caught another bull shark of about the same size off Araha Beach Wednesday evening. The bull shark was a female weighing of 31 kg. They also caught two smaller bull sharks that were about 90 cm long each.

Moriyasu Zakimi, the president of Chatan Fishermen’s Association, said that he would like to have these beaches opened as soon as possible. The association donated the sharks to Churashima Foundation for research purposes.


  • Jomon Japan

    Sharks are everywhere and always will be” Yes, if you are looking for them …you will find them.
    God, if the closed all the beaches in Australia every time they saw a shark, They would never be open.
    You are more likely to be killed by a car than in a netted off swimming area by a shark”

18:20 17 Apr , 2024