Week passed since Chatan beaches closed for sharks

After sighting of four sharks near Sunset Beach in Mihama, Chatan Town, Tropical Beach in Ginowan City also closed from the noon on Wednesday. So far, three beaches remain closed, including Araha Beach in Chatan.

An expert identified two of the four as bull sharks, and aggressive species known for attacking people. One of them is suspected of have been a great white, while another is not known for sure.

Tropical Beach is located about four kilometers south from the sighting site. The beach manager says that as there’s a possibility that the sharks would avoid capture, they gave priority to public safety. He said the beach would remain closed until the sharks are captured or definitely gone away.

Five members of Chatan Fishermen’s Association dived into the sighting off Sunset Beach on Wednesday to try to set up a device to capture the sharks. However, the seas were too rough on the day and they had to postpone the work.

It has been a week since the two beaches in Chatan were closed because the sharks were spotted near the Sunset Beach. Chatan Town decided to capture them since at least two of the four were bull sharks and considered dangerous. The area is a popular tourist destination, and the beaches are usually full of tourists until the end of November. People in tourism industry have reportedly started to worry about the prolonged closure of the beaches.


  • Jomon Japan

    Way Over Reaction” If it was like this in Australia, the beaches would be closed year around.

12:46 13 Jun , 2024