60% of high school grads leave job within 3 years

Okinawa Department of Labor says that about 60% of high school and 40% of college graduates in Okinawa who graduated in March 2013 and started working left their jobs within three years.

31.7% of high school graduates left their jobs within one year, another 16.2% within two years, and 10.6% within three years. Based on the data the department has collected since 2009, the turnover of high school graduates in Okinawa is the second highest in the nation.

At the same time, 19.5% of college graduates left their jobs within one year, 13.5% within two years, and an additional 9.7% within three years.

Among people who graduated in March 2015, 26.6% of high school graduates left their jobs within one year. 17.3% of college graduates of 2015 quit within one year.

However, the department says the situation is improving, and the figure is now less than the national average.

A researcher at Kaiho Research Institute commented on the figures saying, “There are many smaller companies than national average in Okinawa, and there are many who work in the service industry. These factors might be the reason young people tend to leave their jobs to look for something else.”


22:52 22 Jul , 2024