Awamori and food stall village now open at Kumoji

The Awamori Cocktail Promotion Council is and organization that aims to introduce new awamori-based cocktails to represent Okinawa and familiarize the public with them.

The council members are currently running the “Kumoji Awamori and food stall village” in the Okinawa Timer Building in Kumoji, Naha. The village, where people can try awamori cocktails as well as dishes complimenting awamori will be open until Nov. 5th.

The council recently invited public contributions for new awamori cocktail recipes, and selected one using goya as an ingredient.

The Kumoji Awamori food stall village is open from 17:00 to 21:00. The village features awamori cocktails served by Awamori Maisters. There are also music performances by Okinawan musicians.


14:09 14 Jul , 2024