Churashima Foundation takes over historical Mie Restaurant

Okinawa Churashima Foundation announced Friday the establishing of a new company, “Ryukyu Food Culture Research Co.” in Kumoji, Naha City that will take over the management of “Mie”, a high-class restaurant located in Kumoji that specializes in the traditional Ryukyu cuisine.

The new company aims to preserve the inherited food culture of the Ryukyus. The company has already taken over the business.

The new company records and stores the traditional Ryukyu cuisine recipes of Mie, as well as researches the documentary records and ancient documents related to the cuisine of the Ryukyu Kingdom. According to the company, the aim is to contribute to passing traditional Okinawan food culture down the generations.

“Mie” was founded in 1958. It’s a long-established restaurant whose menu is based on reproducing the cuisine prepared for Baron Jun Sho, a gourmet and one of the sons of Sho Taiou, the last King of the Ryukyus. Recently, its continuing existence has been threatened, because of a shortage of successors and the facility’s deterioration.

In order to preserve the tradition, Okinawa Churashima Foundation that researches the history and culture of Shuri Castle, decided to establish a new company Oct. 1st to take over the management of Mie with the specific purpose of preserving Okinawa’s traditional food culture. Another aim is to research the food culture of Okinawan Royal families who lived around the Shuri Castle.


23:22 24 Jun , 2024