First-class hotel planned for Minatogawa, Urasoe

A mainland developer has proposed building the first first-class hotel in Urasoe on the reclaimed land off Camp Kinser.

According to a plan by property developer Takara Create based in Nagano Prefecture, the company has proposed to Urasoe City a development concept of building a first-class hotel targeting wealthy overseas visitors on a lot of 13,000 square meters of land on the west coast of Minatogawa, Urasoe City.

Takara Create already owns the land. The hotel would be the first luxury hotel in Urasoe City.

The company is now seeking opinions from residents and the municipal government on whether to proceed, and the timing of opening the Urasoe bypass road along the west coast that is planned for the next year. The company intends to open the hotel in 2020.

The site is located near a coral colony off Camp Kinser. The hotel would have a total floor area of 21,500 square meters. Takara Create has reportedly discussed with Urasoe City about the authority to regulate the land since this May. Urasoe City officials say it’s important that the natural environment in the area has been and will be continuously protected. Accordingly, they have asked Takara to be environmentally friendly, and the company has agreed to limit the planned hotel up to 6 floors high and the height of 25 meters. Takara is now willing to take over the concept to the development phase. Urasoe City officials held a brief explanatory session on the project for local people on Nov. 8th.

The site is within the area of the west coast development plan after the return of Camp Kinser. The development plan includes the large-scale commercial facility jointly by San-A and PARCO. An executive of the city says, “We hope that this would be a model case for an environmentally friendly development.”


04:32 15 Jul , 2024