Okinawa Geinou Festival 2016 showcases traditional entertainment to kids

Morioka Sansa Dance Group shows folk dance from mainland Japan.

Morioka Sansa Dance Group shows folk dance from mainland Japan.

November 3 is a Japanese national holiday called “Culture Day” that was first held in 1948 to commemorate the announcement of the new post-war constitution of Japan. The purpose of the day is to promote culture, arts and academic endeavor, and the activities of the day typically include art exhibitions and awards ceremonies, especially at the imperial palace in Tokyo, to honor distinguished artists and scholars.

Nakanomachi Youth Group performs Eisa.

Nakanomachi Youth Group performs Eisa.

In Okinawa, the Okinawa Kodomo-no Kuni Zoo holds a festival on Nov. 3 that features arts and performances aimed at children. Admission to the festival and the zoo is free on the day. The festival runs from 13:00 to 19:00.

The festival features three different stages. The theme on the Autum Festival Stage is water and glass. It consists of a Japanese drum (wadaiko) performance, children’s Eisa, yotsudake (Ryukyu castanet), boujutsu, shishimai (lion dance) performances and traditional Rykyu performing arts.

The show on the Hibiscus Stage is called the Festival Of The World. It features street dance shows, Russian and Hawaiian dance shows, samba, creative Eisa and other dance shows.

The third stage named Akagara features “Furusato-en” with street performers, a picture show depicting Okinawa story and a magic show.

In addition to the stage shows, there are workshops, such as face painting, making old Japanese toys, chopstick guns, Karuta playing cards, Otedama (beanbag) and more.

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22:46 24 Jun , 2024