Okinawans prefer taco rice to conventional tacos

Noise Value, a company that develops products and supporting brand strategies, conducted a survey among 400 randomly selected consumers in Okinawa Prefecture about their preference between taco rice and conventional tacos.

According to the results of the survey, about 60% of consumers prefer taco rice. By age, young people ranging from teens up to those in their 30’s prefer taco rice, while those aged over 40 prefer tacos.

In total, 61.5% chose taco rice, and 38.5% preferred tacos. By gender, 65.6% of males and 58.1% of females preferred taco rice. However, 50.5% of people in their 40’s, 56% of those in their 50’s, and 66.7% of persons in their 60’s preferred tacos.

People who chose taco rice cited, “It’s originally from Okinawa”, or “It’s more substantial”, and “It’s served with rice”, “easy to eat”, and “It’s easy to cook” as reasons for their preference.

On the other hand, the reasons for preferring tacos were because, “The tortilla shell tastes good”, “they’re healthy”, and “they are easy to eat.”

A director of Noise Value commented, “People who prefer taco rice like the volume, while people who prefer tacos like their healthiness. These results reflect the difference between generations.” He added, “Both of them are a part of the unique food culture of Okinawa. Here we have many restaurants that sell them. It would be interesting to have a championship match.”

The survey was conducted between August and October this year among 403 residents of Okinawa, 186 of them male and 217 female. By region, 345 were from Okinawa Main Island, 30 from Miyakojima, 24 from Yaeyama area, and 4 from smaller islands. By age, 146 were in their 30’s, 110 in their 20’s, and 91 in their 40’s and older.


23:59 25 Jun , 2024