Taxi starting fares hiked from Nov. 1

The starting fare of taxis on Okinawa Main Island rose from Nov. 1.

The new starting fare of an ordinary taxicab with the engine displacement of less than 2000cc is now between ¥530 to ¥550, and the maximum charge is ¥70 per 372 meters. This is the first significant taxi fare rise in 9 years, except the fare revision after rise in the consumption tax.

Up to now, the maximum starting fare was ¥500 for a small taxi, and ¥510 for a mid-size car. From this November, the small and mid-size taxi categories were integrated into an “ordinary” car category, and the minimum starting fare rose to ¥530, while the maximum starting fare was hiked to ¥550.

The starting fare of a large taxi with and engine displacement of more than 2000cc is now between ¥580 and ¥600, and of a very large car for more than 7 passengers (so-called “jumbo taxi”) the starting fare is between ¥640 and ¥670.

The increase is aimed at boosting taxi drivers’ wages. 82 taxi companies requested raising the fares prior to February this year, prompting the Okinawa General Bureau to examine the price increase issue.

It’s assumed that the taxi companies’ revenue would increase by 9.45% because of the rate hike.


10:09 05 Mar , 2024