Two men suspected of illegal waste disposal

Two men, the owner of an industrial waste disposal company and his former employee, are suspected of illegally disposing of waste from local businesses on a roadside on Irabu Island, Miyakojima City.

Miyakojima Police and Okinawa Prefectural Police Living and Safety Division sent documents pertaining to the case to Naha District Public Prosecutors Hirara Office on Monday. The two, the owner and his male 68-year-old ex-employee, are accused of violating the law on waste disposal and scavenging. The employee has admitted to the charges, saying “I threw the stuff on the side of the road, because the place where I was supposed to take it was closed.”

According to the Okinawa Police, the man is suspected of disposing 750 kg of waste, such as empty bottles, that were collected from hotels on the island, on a piece of the city-owned land in Sawada, Irabu Island, on Sep. 3rd. The man is no longer employed by the disposal company.

The case cam to light when police received a phone call from a city employee Sep. 20 informing them that someone had dumped trash on the city land, and checked the site.


10:13 30 May , 2024