Aja Elementary School brass band wins first prize

The 4th National Brass Band Championships for elementary school bands was held Friday at Amity Hall in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture. Aja Elementary School brass band from Naha represented Okinawa in its debut appearance in the competition, and right away won the first prize.

In the competition, the 27-member band played “Step for Future,” a set piece of music, and “Gaelforce” as the band’s free program in a perfect harmony. Ruruka Gushiken, the director of the school’s brass band club, said after the competition, “I am so proud that all of our members were able to take part in the competition, and won the grand prix.”

Yoko Katsuren, the band’s adviser, said, “They played the best they ever did. They received good points in the richness and tones of their play from the judges. We would like to thank all concerned, including parents, teachers, and local people, for their support”


09:33 23 Jun , 2024