Angler drowns after washed into sea in Yonaguni

An angler fishing from the shore drowned on Sunday after he was caught by a large wave and washed out to the sea off Yonaguni Island.

52-year-old Masami Kinjo had been fishing with an acquaintance from the shore of Yonaguni Island shortly after noon on Sunday when a large wave caught him and he fell into the sea. The acquaintance called Yaeyama Police who searched for Kinjo with help from local divers. They found him on the bottom about 60 meters off shore at 13:25. He was transferred to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

According to Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, three-meter waves were forecast for the day for Yonaguni, and a high sea warning had been issued when the accident occurred.


23:10 22 Jul , 2024