BEGIN compose theme songs for new Ishigaki tourist spots

Ishigaki City announced Friday a new project named “Shimanchu nu takara sagashi” (Islanders’ treasure hunt), involving 24 new tourist spots. The participation-type project is aimed at rediscovering the attractiveness of the island by searching for new interesting sights.

Eishou Higa, a member of the island’s most famous musical group BEGIN, has promised to make theme songs for this project based on the names and stories behind the spots. The songs are scheduled to go on sale in the end of February accompanied with a map. At the ceremony to publish the project, Higa commented, “I’d like to treasure these new sightseeing spots, and hand them over to younger generations.”

The project is one of the 70th anniversary activities of Ishigaki City. The City called for local residents to introduce any interesting spots, specific places, roads or trees. The project started in August and was limited exclusively to local residents living on Ishigaki Island. The project received 82 responses and suggestions in total from small children to adults.

Higa stated at the ceremony, “I thought I should make a local song for each place and name, and I’d like to make the kind of songs that are deeply rooted in Ishigaki that could be played at festivals and other events.”

Some examples of spot names are; “Grouper Rock,” “Stone Bus Stop,” “Crocodile Rock,” “Banana Road,” “Road Leads to Heaven, to Nirai Kanai” and “Manta Mountain.”


12:04 22 Apr , 2024