British travel website picks Okinawa for top 7

Skyscanner, a top-rated British major travel search website picked Okinawa for the 6th place in its “Top 7 Holiday Destinations.” Okinawa was the only Asian destination selected. As for a reason to visit Okinawa, the site stated, “Beaches on Okinawa have the most beauty and mystique in the world.” This is the first time that the website has selected Okinawa.

The No.1 place in the world Skyscanner recommended for visiting was Malta, an island in the Mediterranean. No.2 was Asturias, an autonomous province in Spain, and the No.3 was Barbados, an island on the Caribbean.

The number of tickets to Okinawa sold through Skyscanner in 2016 increased 44% from the year before. The website evaluates Okinawa as, “Can have a great experience of beautiful seabed corals and a wonderful cave tour.” Adding to above, the website mentions “the opening of worldwide luxury hotel chains like Hilton and Hyatt on Okinawa has helped it to gain publicity as a sightseeing place.”

Skyscanner is reputedly the most used travel search website in Europe, United States, and Asia Pacific Ocean districts. It’s regarded especially useful for its search engine that enables the user to compare prices of flight tickets and hotel accommodations sold at travel websites all over the world. It has about 60 million users per month in 30 languages.

Domestically, Rakuten Travel ranked Okinawa the most popular domestic travel destination on its survey published on Thursday. According to Rakuten, visitors to the northern parts of Okinawa Main Island, and Miyako and Irabu Islands have been increasing.


14:34 04 Mar , 2024