Elderly man dies after knocked down by bus

An elderly man died after being knocked down by a bus while trying to cross a street in Tomari, Naha City, Monday evening.

According to Naha Police, 93-year-old Shigeru Miyasato was attempting to cross the street about 19:00 on prefectural road 29 in Tomari, Naha City, when a Toyo bus going towards Tomari intersection hit him. Miyasato was taken to a hospital, where he was died about an hour later.

Naha Police arrested the bus driver on suspicion of negligent driving resulting in death and injury. Police investigation to details of the accident continues.

Police say, the bus was passing a car that stopped on the roadside, and hit Miyasato who was crossing the road from left to right. A medical professional who happened to be passing by tried to save Miyasato by using an AED from a nearby convenience store, but he did not recover. He was taken to a hospital where he died.

No bus passengers were injured in the accident.

21:12 20 Jul , 2024