Golf caddie saves player’s life by using AED

A golf caddie saved a player who suffered a heart attack while playing.

Satomi Honda, a 23-year-old caddie, saved the player’s life after he suffered a cardiac arrest and fell down while playing on the 3rd hole on the West Course of the Ryukyu Golf Club in Nanjo City. The caddie used an AED device from the clubhouse and cardiac massage to revive the player.

The man who lives in Urasoe City was playing golf together with his son, and when the he fell down Honda called the club office to report the emergency and asked for the AED.

By the time the AED arrived, the man’s face had turned black from purple, and his pulse stopped. Honda administrated him a shock with the AED, and performed cardiac massage. His son gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Seven minutes later, when the rescue team arrived, the man had regained his breath and his pulse was beating again.

Afterwards Honda said, “I am happy to hear that he already has been able to leave the hospital. I hope that many people would learn how to use the AED to save life.”

Honda learned how to use the AED in a once a year course at a steak restaurant in Naha, where she worked before, and she actually had experience of using it a few years ago when there was a car accident near the restaurant. “I did not think anything special but just automatically did what I had learned before,” she said.

11:59 22 Apr , 2024