Dec. 1 ~ 7


This weekend and the following days of December make the most dynamic period of this year. Your sense of competition and impatience in general drives you to try to achieve everything, and the result easily is a burn out. There could be many surprises ahead and you will need a good sense of humor to get through.


If you are living in a steady relationship, you could find yourself setting a very critical eye on your partner, and also evaluating your own true feelings. Seeking solitary escape from your everyday life seems to be the idea. Physical activity would be the right medicine in this situation, so get out of the house and take a nice walk.


Many Geminis are taking bold steps in their life at this time, and indeed, there could be quite a few possibilities ahead as the year works its way to the end. And when a new opportunity arises, make sure that you take a good handle on it immediately. Delays and changes in your plans are also in the stars, so be ready.


The next two or three weeks mark a wonderful and romantic period for you, not to mention a busy social life with many year-end parties and such. And if some disagreement arises in your relationship, that would be best to nip right in the bud before your otherwise pleasant life would get greatly disturbed.


You seem to have trouble in reaching your goals, and that leads to frustration and even anger. You just have to accept that some delays are inevitable, and there is very little you can do about it. Luckily one of your traits is perseverance. As long as you don’t give up and keep your eye right on the target, you’ll be OK.


Your self-confidence is at its peak and that reflects in your success at work. Although there could be some obstacles ahead, you will have no problem overcoming them. Once you get over it your effectiveness becomes evident to everyone. But be careful, as there is someone who is not quite honest with you an could mean trouble.


As the romantic planet Venus is moving away from your sign, your love life is heading into a quieter period that could last until the end of the year. Especially next week you must remember that using power and manipulation does not take you very far. Instead you should enjoy your memories and reflect on your achievements.


As planet Venus is slowly moving into your zodiac that could mean more active love life, but that can also mean more drama and tension, and that could put stress on your relationship. For the first few days of December you could have difficulty in knowing what is real and what is not before clarity sets in.


Although you may desire the activity of past few weeks, a bit slower pace at this time is also an opportunity to relax and reflect. Once you have figured out what your plans for the near future are, you can charge ahead with everything you’ve got. New ideas and challenges would be very welcome, but you have to take them head on.


You could find yourself burdened with too many responsibilities and things you think you must do. Remember that too much is too much. Being so busy does not leave much time for romance, and that’s not good to your relationship. Luckily there are many good friends around who can help you to get through your workload.


You have had your party and enjoyed it, but now is the time to slow down, and to say the truth constant parties and busy social calendar are getting old. Luckily, some Aquariuses know how to relax even if no vacation is in sight, and some good news or a little present from a friend next week are sure to brighten you up.


It has been hectic and more of the same is in the future. Demands at your work and from your lover are going to grow sky high. An ambitious project is in the works, and that does not make your life any easier. Luckily there’s some romance in the air, too, and that would bring you some welcome relief when you need it most.


08:00 18 Jun , 2024