Dec. 15 ~ 21


At this point you should keep rather low profile, and not let outsiders’ opinions confuse you. You should seek the company of smart and inspiring people. You are looking for answers, and there is one certain person who has the experience to help you. Making changes to your daily routines can be difficult at this time, as you are quite satisfied with your current situation.


Meeting an old friend is going to bring to your mind some happy memories. But trying to impress this friend could cost you money. You must think carefully if giving a lift to your self-image is worth it. This time you should look for young people to spend some time with. That would give you inspiration and lift your spirits in general. But you have to be clear with your goals.


This weekend you are going to meet someone, who reminds you that you can never have too many good friends. This meeting could make your head spin, but you should also remember that these days relationships tend to be short, and long commitments are much rarer. For that reason alone you have to think very carefully what it actually is that you are looking for and expecting.


You should devote some time for organizing foreseeable tasks carefully as you can expect a few coming weeks to be busy. After this weekend, excitement and enthusiasm seem to be growing. You should make sure you dedicate your evenings for relaxation. Taking walks would be a good idea. Shared experiences with your partner would deepen you relationship greatly.


What is it that you really expect from this weekend? Try to slow down and spend some quality time with your loved ones. People around you seem to be open to your suggestions. Tell them how they could help you to get ahead toward your goals. You have a natural knack to understand what others need, and that can help you to find the right answers to your questions.


Things in life are not always simple. For example, do you always have a focused and exact idea about your own future, and how to get there? Try to relax a little. Life goes on anyways. You would like to discuss about the past events with someone you know well. To make sure that nothing distracts you, perhaps you should suggest that you two take a short trip together.


A person close to you seems to have been quite cool towards you recently, and that might come as a shock. However, you should not pay too much attention to that as busy or worried persons can become quite rude. Maybe you could be of help somehow? Curiosity is taking you to new horizons. One of your relatives has the right answers to your problems, so don’t hesitate to ask.


A personal change requires determination from your part. In a matter of fact there‘s someone who would like you to follow old proven paths. Why would you wait for the New Year to do what you really want to do? Now is the right time to let your own pride to develop, and enjoy your life the way you want. There’s no reason not to pamper yourself from time to time.


There’s romance in the air and the feeling is unbridled joy in general. You are going to find a new interest in a certain person, and that’s a reason for hope to you. What made you think in the first place that you wouldn’t be able to get over the hard days? You should trust more in your abilities and gifts that were given to you when you were born. You need more self-confidence.


Although you are busy in your thoughts you are already thinking about your next vacation. It is not necessary for you to travel far as you are at your happiest when you are in familiar surroundings. Feeling safe and secure is good for your creativity, and working as a part of a team brings to the forefront the best of you. Just don’t let your modesty to get on the way.


Your focus is this weekend, and if you are planning a party or get together with a group of friends, the sooner you start organizing the better. There is a certain person who’s waiting for your invitation or suggestion. This weekend is an excellent time to go for it if that’s what you really want. But make sure that you don’t make a mountain of an anthill and draw wrong conclusions.


There’s a relationship that’s especially important for you that now needs special attention. You can expect to receive an invitation, but that seems to come from a wrong person. Before you decline, think whom you could meet in that party. If you are in a right place at the right time you could have a wonderful surprise. Sometimes life gives you a reminder of its better sides.

23:21 22 Jul , 2024