Dec 29 ~ Jan 4


As the Christmas is happily over there is no more any major reason for stress, but a surprise could be waiting, although a pleasant one, just as the new year begins. This time the New Year is best celebrated with your loved ones, although y0ur social calendar is likely to he full for a couple of weeks more.


Old memories are likely to come to forefront this weekend, but they are the good ones and will increase your sense of safety. You should take it easy now that you have cleared Christmas, and use the New Year Day to recharge your batteries, as it’s going to get busy again, and very demanding on your mind and body.


It would be very tempting for you to retire under the blanket, and enjoy some quiet moments for a while, but actually a better idea would be to get physical and hit the gym or your usual jogging path. Another good idea would be to do something different for the New Year, and sticking with your promises would be a bonus.


For many people born under the zodiac of Cancer, December has been the time of incessant conflict, but from now on life is going to become smoother. There will be great harmony in your family, but some anxious expectations linger for some time to come. You should pay special attention to your intimate relationship.


Romantic sparkles fly as the stress from your work decreases, but unfortunately demands from your work and responsibilities are not going away. There are some unfinished projects that demand your attention right after the holidays, and you also have to take time to make sure your personal finances are in order.


You should make a firm decision not to stress about anything during the coming year. You are happy with your friends, and you have plenty of them, so why worry. You can take it easier, but you have to watch what you say. There are people who want to harm you, although you would like to set the record straight.


Now you have to pay attention on what you promise and what you can actually deliver. Committing to something you can’t fulfill will definitely stress you out, and affect your love life seriously. It is important to make sure that you get your priorities right as that will be more important than ever as we enter into 2017.


Someone is going to do something that first seems to be very insignificant, but at the end proves to be hugely important to you. You should give your lover a chance to show you how much he or she really cares. You could be surprised how much this could affect your future, as it gives you a clear indication of the way to go.


Planet Venus is now shining into your zodiac, and that means harmony and happiness in your intimate relationship. It is really the time for you to start enjoying your life, and delicious food or a good book could be a big part of that. After the New Year things could change and leisure could become much less inviting.


The end of the year has brought good news to many, but your relationship with your life partner is coming to focus. Although there is a chance to run into a personal conflict, it’s not something that is going to last. You could be moved to tears for some small incident, but that will also teach you how much you are loved.


Your heart is now in peace and you are happy with the way events affecting your life are going. Now you are free to concentrate on your loved ones. If there is anything that makes your partner critical of you, a timely apology will smooth things immediately. Enjoying the New Year together in peace is better.


You have made your loved ones happy with your generous Christmas gifts, but what about your budget in January? Although you have to pay attention to your money, you should not take too much stress about it, as you can’t change what has been done, and things will settle down in one way or another sooner rather than later.

13:50 29 May , 2024