Okinawa autumn, ocean warmest on record

The Okinawa Meteorological Observatory announced Thursday that the average temperature in the prefecture this fall from September to November rose to 26.4 degrees centigrade that is 1.3 degrees higher than average, and the highest since the observatory started keeping statistics in 1946. It is also 0.4 degrees higher than the highest average recorded in 1998.

The observatory measures the temperature in Naha, and Kume, Miyako, Ishigaki, and Yonaguni Islands to calculate the average for the Okinawa area. This year the temperatures in all 5 points exceeded 26 degrees. The seawater temperature around Okinawa this year also exceeded the average with the average seawater temperature in the southern part of East China Sea including Okinawa Main Island at 26.9 degrees centigrade. It’s the highest on record since observations by a meteorological satellite started in 1982.

According to Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, the cause are warm and humid winds flowing around Okinawa under the influence of cumulonimbus clouds caused by La Nina and created often around the Philippines. Also, high-pressure zones were not formed over China from October to November, and there were little effects by cold seasonal winds from north this year, which all are effects of global warming.


08:41 17 Apr , 2024