Okinawa Zoo to get white lion next spring

The president of Tohoku Safari Park visited the Okinawa City Office Friday, to announce that the Safari Park was planning to send a white lion to Okinawa Zoo a.k.a. Okinawa Kodomo-no Kuni. White lions are a color mutation of African lions that line in wild in the Timbavati area in South Africa.

Elephants of the Tohoku Safari Park are sent for years to Okinawa Zoo to spend the wintertime here, and they are now sending the lion to return the favor. “We hope that children in Okinawa would enjoy the white lion,” the Safari Park president said.

There are 20 white lions in Tohoku Safari Park, and the one selected to come to Okinawa is a male born on Nov. 14. The lion has a completely white fur and beautiful blue eyes. It weighs about 4 kg now, and will be sent to Okinawa after being weaned from its mother next spring. At that time expected to weigh about 20 kg.

According to Tohoku Safari Park officials, the cub will be the first white lion on exhibit in the Kyushu/Okinawa area.



06:02 17 Apr , 2024