Onaga gives up on 2020 Tokyo Olympics kata contest

Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga announced Tuesday afternoon that it would be very difficult to have the Kata Competition of karate of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games held in Okinawa. In essence, he gave up the plan.

Onaga said it was “very regretful” not to have the competition in Okinawa, and explained that the prefecture had changed the plan into preparing for a Karate and Kobudo show at the opening ceremony. He said that the prefecture still has a plan to invite the national karate teams to have their pre-Olympics training camps in Okinawa. “I would like to have further discussion with the Olympic committee to make this happen,” Onaga said. Onaga told the media about his decision after the regular November press meeting in the prefectural building.

According to the Governor, when he made the request to Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Games Organizing Committee on Nov. 24 to hold the kata part of the Olympic Karate in Okinawa, Assistant General Secretary Yukihino Nunomura answered, “It seems that it’s going to be held in Nihon Budokan, which is the decision of the International Olympic Committee.”

In September, an Executive Committee for Holding the Karate Kata Competition in Okinawa had been established comprised of the Okinawa Prefectural Government, local economic organizations and Karate associations, and Governor Onaga was named the chairman.


20:39 16 Apr , 2024