Peach to start direct Naha-Bangkok flights

Peach Aviation announced Friday that it is starting direct flights between Naha and Bangkok from Feb.19, 2017. The company is scheduled to fly one round trip per day on the route.

Currently, no airline is servicing the route between the two cities. According to a Peach spokesman, the non-stop flights between Naha and Bangkok would be the first since Okinawa reversion in 1972. Peach Aviation is currently flying three international routes between Naha and Taipei, Hong Kong, and Soul, and the flights to Bangkok would be the fourth international line for the carrier linking Okinawa to overseas destinations. Tickets for the flights will go on sale on the Peach website from 15:00 on Dec. 15th.

Flights from Naha to Bangkok from Feb. 19 to Mar. 25 Mar will leave Naha at 21:20 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday arriving at Bangkok at 0:15 local time. On Sundays, they will leave 21:45 and arrive at 0:40, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays they leave Naha 22:05 and arrive at Bangkok at 1:00.

Return flights from Bangkok leave at 1:15 local time and arrive at Naha at 7:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. They leave 1:40 and arrive at 7:55 on Mondays and 2:05 on Thursday and Sundays arriving at 8:20.

The airfare will be from ¥9,980 to ¥41,980 one way. The schedules after April are to be determined.

According to Peach Aviation, more than half of their passengers are in their 20’s to 30’s. Peach expects that there will be Japanese tourists who would go to Thailand via Okinawa.

Peach CEO Shinichi Inoue says, “The 130th anniversary of the treaty of amity between Japan-Thailand is next year. We expect an increasing number of passengers to use our flights to Bangkok.”


18:49 17 Apr , 2024