Record warm weather continues in Okinawa

Dec. 21st was the Winter Solstice, but the weather in Okinawa was warm enough to bring out slight sweat.

At Shimojijima Airport in Miyakojima City, it was observed 28.1 degrees centigrade about noon that is the second warmest temperature in December since 2003. It’s 6.4 degrees higher than the average. On the same day, 27.5 degrees was recorded on Tarama Island, and 25.6 degrees in Naha.

According to Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, the reason was warm and wet air that flowed in with a high pressure over the East China Sea.

A cold front is passing though Okinawa from the afternoon of 22nd, and the agency forecasts that temperatures will be lower on Dec. 23 and 24 with the highest on both days at 21 degrees. But the agency expects the weather to become warmer again from Dec. 25th.


01:44 28 May , 2024