Sunday was warmest day ever in December in Naha

The temperature in Naha rose to 28.2 degrees Celsius at 13:38 on Sunday, Dec. 4th, which is the highest ever recorded in December in Naha. The previous record was from 1914, 102 years ago.

According to the Okinawa Meteorological Agency, 15 of the 28 meteorological observatories on Okinawa recorded the highest temperatures in December. Hateruma Airport had 28.7 degrees, and Miyako Island 28.3. 26 of the observatories recorded temperatures of more than 25 degrees centigrade that is the temperature, over which a day is officially called a “summer day.”

The Meteorological Agency says seasonal winds from the northern parts of Japan usually prevail making the days cold, but on Dec. 4th, southern winds and sunshine combined to warm up the day.


00:33 26 Feb , 2024