Taxi rams into group of nursery school children

A taxi rammed into a group nursery school children after being hit by a garbage truck in Tsukazan, Haebaru Town, Tuesday morning.

According to police, the taxi was driving on national road 507 about 10:40 Tuesday morning, when a garbage truck crashed into it’s side at an intersection. The taxi then rammed into a group of nursery school children taking a walk. Four of the children were hit and taken to a hospital. None of the children suffered serious injuries.

Investigators suspect that the taxi driver failed to see a stop sign at the intersection where the accident occurred.

According to police, the 74-year-old taxi driver from Naha City drove from Tsukazan Tunnel towards Naha into the intersection. A garbage truck driven by a male 42-year-old driver from Tomigusuku City, crashed into the left side of the taxi, and the taxi bounced into the group of children aged 3 to 4 who were crossing the street. A total of 40 children were taking a walk with three teachers guiding the group.

According to the nursery school, the group started crossing the street after the teachers checked the sign had turned green. One of the teachers guiding the group said that, “The children were crying loud after the accident happened, but they calmed down later. It’s a consolation to think that no one was seriously injured.”


11:23 22 Apr , 2024