Jan . 12 ~ 18


Love is about to enter into your life. You might think that your partner is joking when telling about his or her feelings, but be careful. It’s very possible that this is true and serious. Money should not be a problem as long as you don’t forget the bills from the year-end holiday season that are coming due in January.


Your social life is showing no signs of slowdown, but the atmosphere is closer to Halloween than an average weekend party. All sorts of surprises and unexpected invitations are likely to keep you on your toes. In any case, try to relax sometimes in the middle of all the dancing. If nothing else, make a reservation for a pedicure.


After a slow start, this weekend is likely to turn into a lively affair. Love is in the air, and you will soon notice which way the winds are blowing. Organize your calendar in order to avoid mix-ups. Your hidden talents are likely to come to the fore, and at times it might be difficult for you to put he karaoke microphone down.


You should get ready for busy and at times confusing few days. Just when you thought that you can relax over the weekend, your phone is likely to start ringing and invitations abound. But you should avoid to make firm plans before you are sure about your friends’ plans and schedules. Those could change unexpectedly.


This weekend you can expect to meet some people you haven’t seen for ages. And even tough the encounters could be brief, remember that your friendship and presence is always appreciated. You can expect some friendships to grow deeper, and someone you recently met is likely to hint wanting something more intimate.


You may find it difficult to refuse anything this weekend. So, you should avoid a situation that would lead you to promise something you can’t deliver. A conflict of romantic nature, followed by a period of warm feelings during the weekend are a sign that it’s the time for you to make up your mind with whom you want to be.


There’s love in the air, and it could be with wither your current or old lover. Nothing can steal your attention when a certain person is smiling at you. Someone older would like to meet you and have a serious discussion about something. You would be well advised to find the time to listen to this person. You will not regret it.


You are busy and in the middle of all the hustle you might find it difficult to concentrate on your job. But you can’t lax now, because there are people who would love to show their abilities to your boss. Although the year is new, you should start making plans for the summer in order to make sure you get to enjoy people you like.


Pay special attention to older people around you who really could appreciate your companionship. When you think about entertaining these people you should think putting yourself in their shoes. You should also ask opinions of younger people, as they often have good ideas you could use, even other than how to spend your money.


Having a few beers with your colleagues after work could cause romantic misconceptions. There’s one who could think that you are more interested than you even think yourself. You have to handle the situation tactfully. A couple of small gifts to carry in your pocket could come handy, as you never know whom you run into.


Now that the year-end party season is happily over, you can relax and concentrate on your everyday routines. You might feel unsure when you notice a colleague casting admiring looks to your way, but it’s all only fun, or is it something more serious? In any case, you enjoy the attention, and everyone sees that you have a good time.


Now would be the right time to do something interesting. Investing a little in yourself could cheer you up, especially when the nights are long and dark, and the weather does not make a trek to the beach very inviting. This weekend could turn out to be especially romantic and something to remember. Enjoy it to the fullest.

15:43 27 Feb , 2024