Police calls for proper use of emergency number

January 10th was the “Day of 110” and 110 is the number of reserved for emergency calls in all of Japan.

According to Okinawa Police Communications Command Division, Okinawa Police received about 192,000 emergency calls in 2016, and about 14% of them were prank calls. Police officials urge for proper use of “110” as only for emergency calls, and point out that “#9110” is a police advice line.

According to police, there were about 4,000 fewer emergency calls in 2016 that the previous year. Of the total, 50,000 calls were about traffic, like reporting accidents or illegal parking, 14,000 were liquor-related, like drunks fighting, and 7,000 were to report theft.

There were 55,000 calls to ask for an advice that had nothing to do with an emergency that was 28% of the total.

17:18 28 Feb , 2024