Six new adults arrested for Road Traffic Law violations

The Coming of Age Day, a Japanese national holiday celebrating all young people who turned 20 years old during the previous year, is today, January 9th.

All municipalities usually hold ceremonies for the new adults, and many of them were held on Sunday. And it’s usually also the case that some of these new adults celebrate their new liberties in excess, such as being of legal age to drink and smoke, but forgetting the responsibilities that also come along.

On Sunday, police arrested six new adult men for violations of the Road Traffic Law in various parts of the island.

According to Motobu Police, four new adults, all of them part time workers at local resort hotels were arrested on suspicion revving up their motorcycles and driving recklessly on the roads of northern Okinawa.

Urasoe Police arrested a 20-year-old male construction worker on suspicion of reckless driving and violating the Road Traffic Law, while Naha police arrested a 19-year-old male restaurant worker who drove a car that had the roof illegally cut away.

12:54 04 Mar , 2024