Traffic fatalities decrease to 3rd lowest since 1948

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the number of fatalities in traffic accidents in 2016 sank to the third lowest level since the statistics were started in 1948. It’s also the first time in 67 years that the total has been less than 4,000.

Police statistics show that 3,904 people lost their lives in 2016, 213 less than a year before, and the first time since 1949 that the total has been in the 3,000’s.

Compared to the number in 1970 that was the worst year on record with 16,765 traffic deaths, the number has decreased to less than one fourth.

In Okinawa, there were 39 fatalities that is two less than in 2015, and the second lowest number on record after 2014 when 36 people lost their lives.

Nationwide, the number of traffic fatalities of people over 65 years of age was 2,138. It’s 109 less than 2015. However, the number comprises 54.8% of all fatalities and relatively the most since the statistics started in 1967.

Over the New Year’s holidays from Dec. 29 through Jan. 3rd, 72 people died in traffic accidents that is eight more than a year ago.


19:33 28 Feb , 2024