Feb. 16 ~ 22


You are much more relaxed after you stopped trying to please everyone. You should stick with the idea that you originally dreamed up months ago. You may end up changing your direction many times, but don’t worry. The others will be surprised of your new attitude although that’s not all of the truth. But those others don’t need to know it!


The past has not been always perfect. By living in this moment today you will find the happiness you have been looking for. Your relationships will begin to work and proceed, so what else could you wish for? At times the road ahead of you could look quite bumpy, but at the same time, you could be in for a pleasant surprise many times.


You can expect to enter into a very busy period. You have to be patient, if the others look like they can’t keep up with you. Your love life is nearing its peak, and everything looks bright. The feeling you have inside could be love, and now is the right time to bring out into open feelings that you have hidden or denied for a long time.


You would like to have more excitement and adventure in your life that would lead you to new places and to meet new people. But keep your cool even if you disagree in a personal matter. It could be that you can’t figure out the whole picture yet. You must give your colleagues a chance to show what they are really planning to do.


It’s not easy to accept something that you have no power to change, but it’s much easier to accept something that you have wished for a long time. Make sure that your wish is clear to everyone in order to avoid shocks. Make sure you find out what your lover really thinks about your life together. Do not trust on mere assumptions only.


Someone who’s putting on a funny face turns out to be for real. Maybe that person is only nervous, maybe an outright fool. What ever the case may be, you have to try to read between the lines. You attractiveness and charms are at the peak this weekend, so do not wonder why people gather around you like bees to a honey pot.


Because of lessons you have learned from your earlier experiences, you don’t take anything for granted in matters of romance. But this weekend you have a steady and happy aura floating above you. There could be someone who needs a little encouraging before saying anything. You already know who? Just look around.


Flexibility is the force that takes you through monotone days, but by giving a little you can gain a lot. This could be a surprise to you, but as usual, you often underestimate your charm. You should take a second look at the person who’s the target of you affections, but found something to complain about. People can and will change.


Are you now in a little picky mood? Who among your admirers could be worthy of your company? Not necessarily the one who’s the richest or the loudest. Who could see what your needs are and could focus on you only? You have to ask the right questions. But don’t take unnecessary stress. Everything will be all right when the time comes.


You are now ready to compromise. You are likely to meet someone special and different on a social network. This could be a long-term friendship, or a hot but short affair. And does it really matter? Just concentrate on enjoying the appreciation of someone whose company you enjoy and appreciate. Just take it a day at a time.


Although you are in a good mood, you sometimes feel like you have lost. This could happen if you or those around you don’t know what’s it you really want. Don’t take your lover for granted, as that could come back to haunt your relationship later. Your thoughts will become clearer after the 20th of the month, so no reason to hurry.


For the next few days, you should pick up only tasks you really like to do. Your level of energy is not yet where it should be, so there’s no reason to take extra load to carry. Avoid becoming sentimental if you end up thinking about the past. Time makes memories golden, but the person who shocked you before has not necessarily changed.

09:14 17 Apr , 2024