Ishigaki-Hong Kong flights to increase to 5 per week

Okinawa Vice-governor Tadaaki Urasaki, visiting Hong Kong to expand sales and promotion channels to attract more tourists to Okinawa stopped by Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express and Genting Hong Kong Co., one of the world’s largest cruise ship operators, to show his appreciation of their efforts in boosting tourism to the prefecture. During Urasaki’s visit, Andrew Cowen, the CEO of Hong Kong Express, declared that his company intended to increase its flights between Hong Kong and Ishigaki from 2 to 5 round trips a wek starting this March.

Cowen reported that the seat occupancy rate on the flights to and from Ishigaki has been so good that the company has decided to increase the number of their round-trip flights. Cowen added, “We agree that it is necessary to strengthen the advertising and promotions for the continuing flight service,” and asked Okinawa Prefecture and Okinawa Convention Bureau for help.

Urasaki promised to strengthen the promotion efforts throughout the year, and asked the company to start the flight service to and from Miyako as well.

On Thirsday, and event named “Okinawa Night” was held for the first time to thank people of Hong Kong for visiting Okinawa, and about 600 guests representing local travel companies took part. Orion beer and Awamori cocktails were served, and Okinawan products were introduced, and the event culminated in “Kachashi” dance, an Okinawa’s traditional folk dance that everyone takes part in at the end of a celebration.

Urasaki stated at the event, “We greatly appreciate your help in regards of Okinawa tourism, and we would like to further develop mutual relations between Hong Kong and Okinawa ever more.”

04:11 29 Feb , 2024