Okinawa Karate Kaikan to open Mar. 4th

Okinawa Prefecture Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports announced Thursday the schedule of events of the opening of “Okinawa Karate Kaikan” scheduled for Mar. 4th.

According to the schedule, the inauguration ceremony and a karate symposium will be held on Mar. 4th, followed by an exchange meeting on Mar. 5th. The facility is designed to present Okinawa as the birthplace of karate through related events.

Events on Mar. 4th are for invited guests, while the exchange meeting on Mar. 5th will be open to the public. From Mar. 6th the facility will be available for public use.

According to Okinawa Prefecture Karate Promotion Division, there are currently ten reservations for the facility through September including tentative ones. The events include Kobayashi-style karate training on Mar. 6th, the 33rd Okinawa Karate Kobudou Festival on Mar. 19th, and an International Karate Exchange Festival on Apr. 22nd.

“The Okinawa Karate Kaikan” includes a dojo and exhibition facilities, and a special dojo. In front of the building there is parking for 100 cars and four large buses.

00:08 26 Feb , 2024