Price of accommodation in Okinawa exceeds Hawaii

According to Expedia, the world’s largest Internet travel agent, the average unit price of accommodation in Okinawa in 2016 has increased to the level that now exceeds the average prices in Hawaii.

The increase was especially pronounced during the most popular summer seasons in 2015 & 2016. The average room unit price in resort hotels in Okinawa in August 2016 was about ¥36,000/night, while the price in a similar accommodation in Hawaii was about ¥28,000. The reason seems to be the increasing demand from overseas tourists that is pushing up the prices.

According to lodging statistics of 2016, visitors from South Korea counted for the most of foreign demand at the resorts at 27%, followed by Hong Kong at 21%. Domestic visitors from Japan counted for 18%, and tourists from Taiwan comprised 13% of the stays.

The average stay was 2.02 nights. The Expedia statistics also revealed that Taiwanese tend to book a hotel as early as two months beforehand.

An official at Expedia said, “The room unit price fluctuation in Okinawa is high, but that doesn’t seem the be a cause to worry because the number of reservations has not changed,” adding, “We would like to strengthen our system to enable customers make reservations with smart phones that especially younger generations would seem to prefer.”


01:22 26 Feb , 2024