Electric assist bicycles offered for rent in Naha

Wi-Fi provider NTTBP and docomo Bike Share Inc. started a joint venture demonstration experiment of bike sharing in Naha City, Monday.

The experiment features 20 electric assist bicycles at each of five locations in Naha City that are offered for rent to tourists through the end of May. After the experiment period, the operators plan to analyze the data from the three months to consider the future of the business.

The bikes for rent are located at Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha, Kariyushi LCH Izumisaki, Kariyushi LCH Premium, Loisir Hotel Naha, and Okinawa Convention Bureau. All five places have free Wi-Fi connections for customers wanting to use the bikes to download an app called “Sasatto Pamph” from NTTBP. They then register for the service, and pay the rental fee by a credit card. The bikes cost ¥2,000 for a day, or ¥200 for each 30 min.

Then the customer can get information on how to use the service, recommended routes and restaurants easily accessible by bicycle.

During the demonstration experiment, the service is available in Japanese and English only, but other languages including Chinese will be added in the future.

01:40 22 May , 2024