Ginowan fishing boat missing since March 8

An emergency call Saturday morning from Urasoe-Ginowan Fishermen’s Association to the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters reported that one of their member boats had failed to return as the captain had indicated.

The coast guard launched a search for the missing 9.1-ton boat using patrol boats and an aircraft but so far the search has found no trace of the boat.

According to Coast Guard officials, the boat left Makiminato Port around 8 a.m. on Mar. 1st with its 67-year-old captain onboard to catch diamond squid.. The last radio contact with the boat was in the morning of Mar. 8th when the captain talked with another captain of the same fishermen’s association and said, “I will be back by the 13th at latest.” The captain also said his position at the time was about 222 kilometers southeast from Cape Kyan.


05:57 15 Jul , 2024