Google puts eight Okinawa underwater sites on line

Google has added eight sites on different parts of Okinawa to its underwater views on Wednesday. The sites include Kerama Islands that is one of the most popular and well-known diving spots in Japan.

Google has offered underwater views from Hawaii and many other popular resort areas all over the world since 2012, and underwater views from Okinawa are the first from Japan.

The underwater sites includes“Sekisei Lagoon” between Ishigaki and Miyako Islands, “Yonaguni Submarine Topography” from the famous Yonaguni submarine “ruins,” as well as Kitahama on Aka Island in the Keramas, Ishigaki’s Nagura Bay, Yamada point in Onna Village, Taketomi, Zamami, and Aharen Beach on Tokashiki.

The underwater views are a part of the Google Street View on Google Maps service that can be viewed on a PC or smart phone.

23:58 30 May , 2024