Higashi Village Azalea Festival

Higashi Village is located in the nature rich area of northeast Okinawa. With a population of less 2,000, Higashi is most known for pineapple production and being the hometown of LGPA golfer, Ai Miyazato. Higashi is also famous for its annual Azalea Festival, which runs this year from March 3rd through the 22nd. Because of Okinawa’s subtropical location, azalea’s bloom a bit earlier than in the mainland, making Higashi’s festival the earliest of its kind in all of Japan. On a hilltop in Higashi’s Tsusuji (azalea) Park, some 50,000 azaleas will be in full bloom making for an awe-inspiring panoramic view. The festival attracts more the 80,000 visitors every year, lured not only by the colorful display of azaleas, but also pineapple fields and Higashi’s natural spring water, said to be the purest in Okinawa.

More than 5,000 beautiful azaleas in full bloom at Higashi’s Tsutsuji Park.

The Azalea Festival is open from March 3rd-22nd. Hours are from 10:00-18:00 daily. On the 11th (Saturday), 18th(Saturday) and 19th (Sunday), the flowers will be displayed with lights from 18:00-20:00. Entry fees are ¥300 for adults for children 15 and under. A boat ride on Fukuchi Dam in Higashi Village will also be available Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Japanese National Holiday during the event period. Fee for the boat ride is ¥1000 for adult, ¥700 for kids.

Tsusuji Park is located at 861-1 Taira, Higashi Village. ­­­

02:13 31 May , 2024