Higashi Village Culture and Sports Memorial Hall opens

The inauguration ceremony of the Higashi Village Culture & Sports Memorial Hall was held Monday.

The hall honors achievements of local celebrities like female pro-golfer Ai Miyazato who took part in the ceremony. In her greeting, Miyazato said, “I would like to add more trophies here, and do the best with my brothers (who are also pro-golfers) and family.”

Displays in the hall include Miyazato and her brothers’ golf clubs and other golf accessories. There are also videos of their games.

Hisaya Yoshimoto, an ex-Olympic weight lifter, and Masao Shimabukuro, a Living Natural Treasure of Traditional Ryukyu Music were also introduced.

The hall was constructed on a land next to Tsutsuji Eco Park at a total cost of ¥580 million, of which ¥460 million came from a special grant from Okinawa Prefecture. It has a total floor space of about 800 square meters.

The hall is scheduled to open to the public in the beginning of April. Admission is ¥500 for non-resident adults. The admission is free for Higashi Village residents, student and young children.

06:51 30 May , 2024