Mar. 10 ~ 24


You really stand out of the crowd positively because of your ability to plan ahead. You should now use every chance to advance your plans. You don’t need to put out a big show to get things moving. The main thing is that you know and feel yourself inside you that you are on the right track. Trust on our own instincts with this.


It’s admirable how strongly you tackle your own ideas, but you must think everything over carefully and thoroughly before you make a decision. If possible, consult someone who is more experienced than you. In romance, you will get the best response from your lover with patience and careful attention to his or her needs.


As you have plenty of friends who are ready to give you their support, you’ll have plenty of self-confidence that you will soon need in order to make an important move affecting your life. Someone close to you is nervous, so you have to choose your words and deeds carefully, Expect very little free time next week.


A certain sphere in your life demands time and patience. Just when you think that nothing moves forward, you will get answers that you have expected. You should be flexible, especially in matters concerning long-time plans. Circumstances can change fast and to better direction, but you have to be able to adjust to new situation.


You strong friendships and new colleagues at your work have a strong influence on this period in your life. One of your friends is going to propose a change that sounds very attractive, but to get to the bolts and nuts of this proposal takes determination from your part. For the weekend, you should try to arrange something romantic.


People are attracted to your happy go lucky attitude. As a rule, you can expect to be more in demand than usual, and your time is really limited. However, you should try to find time for your older friends and relatives. You know that you and your presence are appreciated, but it’s also nice to hear that straight from the others, too.


Progress in your love life could take you by surprise this weekend. Just when you thought that you are walking along the same path time and again, you will discover fresh winds ahead. Perhaps the time has come that someone who has been alone, has finally noticed that you exist. Continue by using your remarkable imagination.


The weekend promises to be passionate to your complete surprise. Maybe this is the reward for your earlier efforts to catch the attention of a certain person. If so, don’t play cool, as you know what you want. It makes no sense to deny that you feel happy. This could be your chance to spend a weekend to remember for ages.


Feelings, emotions and passions come to the fore during the next week, and it could be difficult to keep your cool. You should count on a romantic weekend, and you can feel how your whole body and soul changes. The break that you have waited for so long is the best medicine to restore your confidence in your fellow human beings.


A young member of your family has a reason to celebrate but is in need of all encouragement you can give. It turns out to be very important to recognize achievements when they are earned. A loyal and sincere attitude could slow down your personal advances, but it could give remarkable help and support to those close to you,


A casual comment by your friend or colleague could bring attention to a matter that has been long forgotten. Maybe the matter that has been pushed aside because of other urgencies is current again. You should open up discussions with others about it, and try to find a common ground in order to resolve the matter once and for all.


Your talents and creativity are ensuring that things start moving ahead within the next few days. There’s no reason you should not bet on your future plans, as you can only win. You should use all of your own powers to get this moving, but you also should be ready to ask for assistance in some practical tasks if and when you need it.

04:15 15 Jul , 2024