“Hotel Koza” to open in Okinawa City in August

Nippon Digital Co. has announced the opening of a business hotel named “Hotel Koza” in Uechi, Okinawa City in August.

The new hotel will be a 7-story building with 80 guest rooms. The company decided to use “Koza,” the old name of one of the two villages that was merged into Okinawa City in 1974, as the name of the hotel name. A company representative explains that with the name they expressed their hope of regaining the previous prosperity of the area. The hotel starts to accept reservations from the end of this month.

Okinawa City is a municipality that hosts many sport training camps throughout the year, but it has few lodging facilities. Nippon Digital says that, in addition to alleviating the hotel room shortage, they would like to help to invigorate the middle part of Okinawa.

“Hotel Koza” is located near the national road 330, and in an area with high concentration of restaurants. With the concept of “safety, security, comfort, and hospitality,” its all rooms are non-smoking, and one floor and all rooms on it are reserved for women only.

Room types include two kinds of single rooms, twin rooms, and barrier-free rooms for wheelchair users. A complementary breakfast is included in room prices that start from ¥6,000 per night. Parking for 60 cars is also included.


13:24 14 Jul , 2024