Kadena Police to use drones for rescue missions

Kadena Police and Yomitan Hikou Association concluded a contract to use drones at the time of disasters on Monday.

The idea is to use drones under the direction of Kadena Police to collect visual information on disaster and lifesaving missions. The contract is the first in Okinawa between police and a private entity to use drones.

Yomitan Hikou Association is an organization of people who fly radio-controlled helicopters and drones as a hobby. At the ceremony of signing the contract, one of the association members who works at Sky Link Japan Okinawa Service Center, a company that sells drones, demonstrated the capabilities of drones, such as detecting and preventing collisions and tracking a target object.

Regarding the rescue missions on the sea, it would be possible to drop a float from a drone if an application is prepared in advance. Kadena Police are planning to conduct joint training with the association members before the swimming season begins this spring.

02:14 22 May , 2024