LEGO School Okinawa Naha to open in April

Lexues Co. is opening a “LEGO School Okinawa Naha,” a school for children 3 to 11 of age officially licensed by Danish toy maker LEGO. The school is scheduled to open in April at AEON Naha department store. It will be the first LEGO School in the prefecture.

Lexues Co. is known as the developer of the plan “Ryukyufrogs” that sends high school and university students to Silicon Valley in the U.S. on study and training trips. Now the company aims to break into education business to develop human resources in a wide range from infants up to lead the next generation.

LEGO School follows a uniform curriculum in more than 400 locations in 7 countries with about 50,000 students attending. The schools use LEGO blocks to teach small children from the age of three up to feel and understand the probability and gravity, and to learn how to express themselves. Older children from five years up learn the rules of balancing from building complicated structures with the blocks.

The Naha school accepts children from 3 to 11 years old. The monthly tuition fee for a 3-year-old children’s class is ¥9,500 excluding tax and teaching materials. For details, contact to Lexues at 098-921-1003.

20:06 16 Apr , 2024