Miyako product specialty shop opens in Makishi

Paradise Plan, a company manufacturing and selling salt-related products on Miyako Island, opened a store called “Shima-no Eki Miyako,” at Sakurazaka Ichiba public market in Makishi, Naha City, that sells products made in Miyako Island. This is the company’s 2nd store after it opened the first store on Miyako in 2013. The shop sells about 300 kinds of products including the company’s own private brands Yukishio salt, processed foods and snacks, Awamori, and fruit and vegetables. The shop also aims to become a base to distribute information pertaining to Miyako Island.

The shop is the first local specialty store of a remote island on Okinawa Main Island. The first store on Miyako attracts about one million customers a year, with annual sales of about ¥500 million. The 2nd store in Makishi aims to have 300,000 customers and annual sales of ¥250 million yen during its first year.

The store is facing Kokusai Street and is next to Makishi Police Station. On its floor space of 3,000 square meters, there are a variety of products made in Miyako, including soft cream made with Yukishio salt, Baumkuchen bakery rolls, rusks (senbei), and sodas. The shop sells more than 30 brands of Awamori, all products of Miyako, and almost at the same as they sell in Miyako.

During the period from June through August, when mangoes are in the best season, live Internet feed from a mango grove on Miyako is displayed on a monitor in the shop where customers can check and size up mangos that they order. Plans to organize an “otori” contest, a kind of traditional Miyako way of drinking awamori, are also in the works.

Sakurazaka Ichiba is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 all year round.

23:40 25 Feb , 2024