Motorbikes to be banned from Highway 58 in Onna

A stretch of Highway 58 in Onna Village will be off-limits to motorbikes, including scooters, between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. starting Apr. 1st.

According to Ishikawa Police, the 5.5-kilometer-long stretch of the highway from Onna Intersection to Seragaki Kita Intersection will be closed to motorcycle traffic during nights because of complaints. Police say that the area has become a favorite of motorcycle riders, especially during weekends and midnights, and loud bikes have become a nuisance for local residents.

After studying the situation, police agreed and accepted the residents’ request. They also hope to prevent accidents.

This ban applies to all bikes except bicycles. Violators are issued fines; ¥5,000 for motorcycles, ¥6,000 for other bikes, like scooters. Resident motorcyclists need to have a permit issued by Ishikawa Police that allows them to ride to and from their homes.

According to Police, the road in the area has several curves with high curbs that have caused several crashes, while it is popular among riders. Police have counted almost 1,000 riders on weekends in the area, and they aim to prevent both the noise and the accidents.


08:50 17 Apr , 2024