Prefecture to remove 110,000 waste tires from Nishihara lot

Okinawa Prefecture decided Wednesday to remove about 112,000 old tires left on a lot of private land in Onaha, Nishihara Town. Dream Corporation, an industrial waste disposal company collected and stored the tires on the lot but has refused to remove them. The case marks the first time that a prefecture taking an action under the law concerning waste disposal and scavenging.

According to Okinawa Prefecture Environmental Waste Management Division, the tires have been left on the premises of the company since 2009, and there have been frequent complaints from neighborhood residents about water accumulating in the tires is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Previously, the prefecture has issued an administrative order to remove the tires, and then made a criminal complaint against the company. The Prefectural Police investigated the case, and in 2012 the company was convicted and fined in 2012 in the Naha District Court.

After the verdict, the prefecture repeatedly asked the company to remove the tires but as the company failed to take action, the prefecture decided to take a substitute execution of the order to remove the tires. Prefecture officials say that all expenses from the action will be claimed to the company.


01:19 26 Feb , 2024