San-A again favorite of job-seeking students

According to an annual survey by Radical Okinawa, the publisher of the employment magazine “Rookie,” San-A supermarket and retail shop chain is the favorite company to work for among graduating students for the fifth consecutive year.

Okinawa Bank was ranked as the 2nd and the Bank of the Ryukyus the 3rd, followed by Okinawa Kaiho Bank and Okinawa Cellular as the 4th and 5th.

Radical Okinawa held a joint job fair at Okinawa Convention Center on March 10th, and conducted the survey among attendees. They received answers from 514 students.

As for the reasons, the students cited “the company is lively and exciting with good atmosphere” and “there is a chance for career advancement” among others.

ANA Okinawa Airport, a company integrated with Air Okinawa and Grand System Okinawa, raised its rank to the 8th most popular place from 40th last year. Okinawa Watabe Wedding that was ranked to the 9th place was the 2nd most popular among female students.

Radical Okinawa analysis concludes that there has been an increasing number of companies that accept interns, and as a result, many students have had experience in the actual work environment in the businesses and prefer companies that have a lively and positive atmosphere.


11:10 04 Mar , 2024