Website highlights sightseeing spots with 360-degree views

Students at the Ryukyu University Faculty of Tourism have started a website called “Sinka360” that introduces sightseeing spots in Okinawa with photos and videos of a 360-degree view in a collaboration with Space Creations Co.

The videos are linked to YouTube and who the view from any angle. A special feature of the site is the use of stylish photos.

Students who participate in the project say, “We would like people to feel close to Okinawa,” and “On the site, we present spots that we really selected from the students’ point of view.”

“Sinka360” aims to raise demand for travel through simulated experiences of Okinawa. It features photos of sightseeing spots and restaurants on Okinawa Main Island and Ishigaki. One of the students participating in the project says, “Our site should be very attractive not only to Japanese but also to tourists from other countries.”

During the project, students learned how to take pictures from professionals in order to make the site attractive.

Space Creation is a company of Kanagawa Prefecture that organizes video events with 360-degree view in commercial facilities all over Japan. They aim to increase the number of tourists and invigorate Okinawan industries by linking the site to events in the prefecture, or offering a method to make a travel guidebook with photos supplied by travelers themselves.

14:14 25 May , 2024