Yomitan launches Zanpa Street revitalization project

“Zanpa-Dori Okoshi Kai” or Zanpa Street Revitalization Project has just been launched in Yomitan Village.

For the project, four local restaurant owners banded together in order to revitalize the area. To kick off the project, they printed 10,000 copies of a pamphlet “Yomitan Aruyo Map” featuring 20 restaurants, pubs, and bars on the street gathered to revitalize the area. The pamphlet is available at various places in Yomiran, like hotels, convenience stores, beauty salons, and fishing ports.

Tsutomu Iha, the owner of Club N.Y. and one of the four restaurant owners who started the project says, “This area used to flourish, but it does not now. So we want to revitalize the village and start doing what we can. We hope that the pamphlet will bring more customers. We would like to cooperate and support each other to create a good community.”

05:48 15 Jul , 2024