Yonabaru Town opens new Internet portal site

Yonabaru Town has opened its “YONABARUNAVI” sightseeing portal site to introduce sightseeing places, events, and history of Yonabaru Town. A ceremony to announce the opening was held at Yonabaru Keibintetsudo Museum on Mar. 19th.

The site introduces an overview of the town divided according to genre. The city created the site using a government grant to invigorate communities.

Yonabaru Town also created “Yonabaru Keibin Ekisha VR,” an app that reproduces in 3D the surroundings around the Keibin Ekisya before 1945. The app is free to download from the town’s website.

Yonabaru Mayor Kunio Furugen said at the ceremony, “We would like visitors to know about the history and culture of Yonabaru Town. It would be great if it could lead to chances for business for entire east side of the island, not only for Yonabaru.”

The portal can be accessed from the municipal website. The site changes automatically into the language of the user’s smart phone, Japanese, English, Korean, or Chinese.


06:08 17 Apr , 2024